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    • Picozzi Family Christmas (cozzi)
      By: SPaschall · 02/16/2016
      Fantastic as always Frank! SPaschall
    • Most Wonderful Time of the Year
      By: Mike's creation · 12/24/2015
      Thanks for the information.  Now to figure it out.  My problem now is they can't be in bad weather or direct snow.  Living in Wisconsin that is not likely.  So Now I think if this is going to happen, I have to come up with come kind of enclosure for them to be in depending if it is the snowman or the elf.   Thanks! Mike
    • Most Wonderful Time of the Year
      By: SPaschall · 12/24/2015
      Thank you for the compliments, while I would love to take credit for the snowman I can't do it. They are built by Mike Ziemkowski and he has a side business called Seasons Greeters where he sells these. You can purchase them here http://www.holidaytechnologies.com/catalog/index.php?id_category=22&controller=category They are a bit steep but they are all handmade and extremely well built. I would recommend these to anyone who plan or want to take their display to another level. It was probably the easiest thing in our display to program, once you get the vocals tapped out, the process takes about 1 1/2 hours to program a song. If you have any more questions let me know. SPaschall
    • Most Wonderful Time of the Year
      By: Mike's creation · 12/24/2015
      That was just awesome!!!!  Would you be willing to share how you made the snowman.  I finished building 4 coro singing Christmas trees for 2016.  Will be adding 4 coro singing bells for 2017 and I would like to add the snowman next year. I like the more mellow music.  I use Frank, Harry Jr, Dean Martin, well you get the idea and some Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  I've been wanting to do a singing snowman but you nailed it on the head.  So did you build it or what? Mike's Creations.
    • Imperial March - 2015
      By: deanathpc · 01/29/2016
      Nice!  Bet that was fun to sequence!