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  • The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine. A few years later, Pope Julius I officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on that day.
  • Santa Claus's sleigh is led by eight reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder (variously spelled Donder and Donner), and Blixem (variously spelled Blixen and Blitzen), with Rudolph being a 20th-century inclusion.
  • Outdoor Christmas lights on homes evolved from decorating the traditional Christmas tree and house with candles during the Christmas season. Lighting the tree with small candles dates back to the 17th century and originated in Germany before spreading to Eastern Europe.
  • That big, jolly man in the red suit with a white beard didn’t always look that way. Prior to 1931, Santa was depicted as everything from a tall gaunt man to a spooky-looking elf. He has donned a bishop's robe and a Norse huntsman's animal skin. When Civil War cartoonist Thomas Nast drew Santa Claus for Harper's Weekly in 1862, Santa was a small elflike figure who supported the Union. Nast continued to draw Santa for 30 years, changing the color of his coat from tan to the red he’s known for today.
  • Christmas 2018 countdown has already begun. Will you be ready???
  • Why do we love Christmas? It's all about the traditions. In this chaotic world we can miss the "good old days." Christmas reminds us of that time.

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  1. Greetings all. I've decided this should be brought to the attention of anyone using LED Rope light Snowflakes. I know some members put them on their roofs. I have discovered that 2 out of my 10 flakes have had some serious burning/heat/fire hazard issues. I won't mention suppliers/manufactures because they are generic, and everyone should take the time to double check yours regardless. Especially on the roof of your homes. Look for where the wires connect to the tubes themselves. I am all for Christmas lights everywhere- but not at the expense of any family's life. Here are some images of what I've discovered on mine. This was after I noticed one of the bulbs was giving a slight flicker doing my normal inspections. On another flake, there was condensation/moisture in the tube that was actually bubbling from the heat. You can see different areas that are black in the snowflake itself where the leds were fried. Be safe out there this season. 15 mins worth of inspections might make all the difference. My family comes from a long line of firefighters, and I know how quickly things can go from nothing to total loss from a simple 40 dollar light. Hopefully mine was just a fluke batch. Thanks for your attention.
  2. Ralph Priest

    M5 lights


    • For Sale
    • New

    For sale, M5 LED lights, pure white, 100 count. Purchased from CDI and never used.


    Chesapeake, Virginia - US

  3. Ralphie


    Can you program the special effects I see in dumb RGB strings with the lastest version of LOR's software?
  4. Don Mcabee

    RED C6 leds


    • Wanted
    • Used

    Looking for a deal on red C6 led strings that someone is changing out from props etc, prefer 100ct inbox what ya have, possible trade of some sort on new in box BIG BULBS Blow molds from General Foam. Picture for reference


    gaffney - US

  5. uptownguy2000

    2017 Display- video

    I thought I would see how a video might look online- here it is! I wanna get around to some music played from some Bluetooth rocks or something similar.
  6. 80 channel LOR system. Sequenced by me 10300ish lighs
  7. De Virgin Mary had a baby boy by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 80 channel LOR system. Sequenced by me.10300ish lights
  8. AnnaRipley

    Household RGB light strip

    Hi, this is Anna from CA. I put a 10-ft tree in the living room. I would like to decorate it by the colorful lights. Any recommendations? I do not want to use the weary, monotonic bulbs. Thanks!! My tree last year
  9. Hi Group, I'm looking for recommendations on an online vendor of LED lights. A google search turns up many but looking for one that maybe has some ties to this forum. This year, I'm planning to swap out all of my old incandescent lights for LED. So with that in mind, I'll be buying a lot of LED's. I'm looking for bulk buys like lights on spools versus boxes of lights. I need to redo all my C7 lights which consisted of three separate runs of 100' with three separate colors on each run. Also, I'll be redoing all of my 2' and 4' Christmas tree's. I'd really like to be able to buy spools of smaller LED's (500 to 1000') and cut to my own lights and do my own electrical terminations. Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed! Thanks, Lightman

    • For Sale
    • New

    Retiring our entire light show. This includes 14 controllers, 5 blow mold reindeer, 1 blow mold Santa, 1 blow mold penguin, 6 blow mold candles (2 new), 4 wire frame deer, 1 wire frame moose, 2 marty fans, 4 leaping arches, 1 mega tree, thousands of new, still in the box lights, thousands of used lights, rope lights, icicles nets. Incandescent and LED lights. Wireless light linkers, FM transmitter and more. Selling as an entire lot. $3500 OBO. Must pick up A complete list is attached QTY Light Count Condition Description Light Type Color 1 Untested 16 Channel LOR CTB16DV5 Controller Metal housing 4 Used 16 Channel LOR CTB16PC Controller Plastic housing 1 power cord 4 Used 16 Channel LOR CTB16PC Controller Plastic housing 2 power cords 5 Used 16 Channel LOR1602 Controller Metal housing 2 power cords 19 216 Used 18 ' Rope Light Incandescent Red 2 300 New 18' Garland Light String Incandescent White 9 216 7 new 18' Rope Light Incandescent Multicolored 2 216 New 18' Rope Light Incandescent Red 1 New 25 count Light Stakes 8 New 6' Unlit Wesley Pine Trees 6 1 per candle 2 are new Blow Mold Candles 1 1 Blow Mold Penguin 5 1 per deer Blow Mold Reindeer 1 1 Blow Mold Santa 2 New Empty Flower Easels 1 Empty Reindeer frame 1 Used FM Transmitter 1 450 New Icicles String Incandescent White 21 70 New Icicles String LED Blue 2 300 New Icicles String Incandescent White 2 200 per deer Large Wire Framed Deer Incandescent White 82 100 New Light String - Box Incandescent White 30 50 New Light String - Box LED White 4 60 New Light String - Box LED White 10 60 New Light String - Box LED Multicolored 2 100 New Light String - Box Incandescent Red 35 100 New Light String - Box Incandescent Blue 4 100 New Light String - Box Incandescent Green 27 100 New Light String - Box Incandescent Multicolored 6 100 New Light String - Box Incandescent Purple 1 60 New Light String - Box LED Blue 1 100 Used Light String - Box Incandescent Red 12 70 New Light String - Box LED Multicolored 6 60 New Light String - Box LED White 1 100 New Light String - Box Incandescent Green 3 100 New Light String - Box Incandescent White 10 150 New Light String - Reel LED White 2 200 New Light String - Reel Incandescent Blue 2 400 New Light String - Reel Incandescent Multicolored 2 400 New Light String - Reel Incandescent White 500 Used Light Strings on reel Incandescent Multicolored 600 Used Light Strings on reel Incandescent Red 400 Used Light Strings on reel Incandescent White 360 Used Light Strings on reel LED Blue 4 960 per arch Lighted Arches LED White and Blue 16 200 per tree Lighted Trees Incandescent White and Multicolored 4 Used LOR Wireless Light Linkers 2 1600 per fan Marty Fan - just over 5' tall Incandescent White and Multicolored 1 2400 Used Mega Tree Lights Incandescent White and Purple 1 300 Used Merry Christmas Sign Incandescent Red 6 70 New Net Light LED White 1 Unknown Untested Plane Incandescent 2 150 per deer Small Wire Framed Deer Incandescent White Tons of misc used lights Red, White, Muticolored, Blue 1 Used USB485N Converter 1 300 Wire Framed Moose Incandescent White Light-O-Rama Light Show Listing.xlsx


    Newberry, Michigan - US

  11. Lightman

    Wide Angle 5MM LED Lights

    Hi Group, I'm still crunching through numbers to determine the overall cost of converting my incandescent display over to LED this year. I've found some great deals on LED C7's and Rope Light. However, I'm struggling to find a ecomnical solution for smaller mini lights like the Wide Angle 5MM LED's. The best price I've seen is $10 for a package of 50 count. I need roughly 75-100 boxes of the 50 count and that comes out to a pricey figure. Does anyone know of a vendor that sells these by the spool (100', 250', 500')? Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks! Lightman
  12. We are having a large light sale from Pilot Mountain Christmas. We have both new and used LED and Incandescent lights of all kinds. We are selling by appointment only so if you are interested in checking out what we have call us at 336-351-2487 and leave a message with your Name and a date and time that you want to come. The address is 4236 NC 268 HWY East in Pilot Mountain, NC 27041. See pictures on our Face Book Page. https://www.facebook.com/pilot.m.christmas
  13. Lights@721


    In a different post I saw someone post the below photo... got me thinking. Has anyone built a recent version of these? I was thinking of trying to do it with a standard string of lights and just put multiple bulbs where the instructions have 1 per can... Anyone done this and have more detailed instructions for a build plan? I just built PVC mini trees but I might aim to replace them with these because I really like the look.
  14. Patrick Chartrand

    LED Icicles and C9 Strobes For Sale

    Hey guys, I'm converting to Pixel Lighting and have a lot of icicles that I no longer need. These icicles were purchased from Paul over at Creative Displays. I have the following for $5 per set. (Yes $5 per set... these are priced to make someone very happy) 20 Sets - Red C-6 LED icicles with 70 Lights, 3 light, 5 light and 6 light drops - about 7.5 feet long white wire. 20 Sets - Green C-6 LED icicles with 70 Lights, 3 light, 5 light and 6 light drops - about 7.5 feet long white wire. 20 Sets - Warm White C-6 LED icicles with 70 Lights, 3 light, 5 light and 6 light drops - about 7.5 feet long white wire. I have C-9 strobes for sale at $1 each (Yep.. only a dollar each) 19 LED Strobes - In boxes never used 9 led Strobes 18 standard strobes I also have 75 Snubbers for sale at $.25 each (one quarter) These are used to help LED lights fade and not flicker. Buyer pays for shipping, and I have no idea what it would cost to ship these anywhere, but I will use UPS or USPS, you pick.
  15. Lights@721

    Net Lights on Roof?

    I tried searching on google and on here as well but couldn't find this anywhere... I had the brilliant idea of putting net lights on my roof, instead of using more and more lines of C9s. My current setup : I have the roof outlined in multi-C9s along the gutter and up the sides to the "peak". (Think a U) Instead of adding more LOR channels I am concentrating on adding more lights this year and the roof was obviously an open canvas. I thought about buying more C9s and putting them on an angle, or just filling in the roof with some type line pattern. But why do that when I can put down net lights? GREAT IDEA, cool effect (at least in my head right now)... Think about the U shape, but now I am filling in the middle. I already purchased the lights (got a decent deal on 2ft X 8ft LED multi color, 150 lights) but now I am thinking about how to secure them next year. Any ideas? I was thinking a wooden frame would work to hold in place, maybe some ropes that are secured, pvc frame (lightweight but enough to hold them in place)... has anyone done this or have any ideas? If you have done it, photos of your setup could be great! I am also thinking its possible to use the C9s already in place to hold them? zip tie them together? creating a GIANT net that I can just roll out? Picture below from a few years ago but the roof is basically unchanged in terms of light layout.
  16. hotrod1965

    more RGB fun

    Installed WS2811 C9 RGB lights on my house this year. Controlled with a Raspberry Pi and a Pixlite 4 controller. Sequences done with Xlights and Falcon Player
  17. hotrod1965

    RGB Fun

    Installed WS2811 C9 RGB lights on my house this year. Controlled with a Raspberry Pi and a Pixlite 4 controller. Sequences done with Xlights and Falcon Player.
  18. Hey folks! The holiday parties got someone a little too cheerful and tomorrow that cheer is spreading to you ! Now through January 15th, 2012 we are slashing our already ridiculously low prices by 15%! Be sure to check out store.lightsmusicmagic.com to see the eggnog filled deals available to you! Oh, and we're offering free shipping on all orders over $100! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  19. I swapped my Bethlehem star this year for a wire frame version. I also replaced the incandescent lights with LED lights. The cost was nearly identical (purchased from Lowes if it matters). Aside from my RGB LEDs, these are the ONLY LEDs in my display. I noticed when I came home last night, I had a VERY noticeable flicker when the LEDs were dimming on my star. It also seemed to be slightly worse on some sets than others (7 sets used for the star). The differences between sets was minimal however, and a casual observer would probably say the strands flickered at the same time, rate, etc. for each channel they were on. (I have 3 channels for my star, it's basically a modified holdman star). These LEDs worked perfectly since Thanksgiving night. It was only last night they started acting up. We've had periods of pretty heavy rain, but none last night. I connected a three-way pigtail at the base of the LOR controller and connected a set of minis to see if that would have any impact. I *think* it may have smoothed out the flicker a touch, but I'm not really certain. I also noticed that one of my snowflakes running off this same controller stopped working last night too. I will plug in the snowflake to a regular outlet tonight and determine if I've got a sick channel or if the snowflake bit it. I really cannot get to the roof at this time due to all fo the stuff in the yard. I'll just destroy my many cables with the heavy lift. Should I have put the mini lights in series with the LEDs? Any idea why I'd be getting flicker on dimming, but NOT at full brightness?
  20. Hi all, I know this subject is talked about a lot, but I'm trying to convince myself to take the plunge into the world of LEDs. I work at a large lighting company where we have been using LEDs to light products for 10 years. My current needs are 150ft of icicle lights and 5 artificial trees each containing 6 - 100 bulb light strings. To convert my small display to LEDs would cost me about a grand (figuring full-wave, sealed strings from online vendors). When I analyze it, the payback on LEDs just doesn't seem worth it. The lights would have to last more than 5 years to make it cost-effective and based on all the quality issues that I've read about over the years in these forums, it almost seems like incandescent is the path to stick with. Can anybody offer any suggestions? Thanks!
  21. volensaeros

    Looking For......

    multi color Icicle lights that twinkle or chase or with a program box that is affordable and good quality. I have a 40 foot span to cover maybe a little over 40 will work too. I have been scouring the web all night and cannot find anything I am interested in. Maybe you all can help. The cheaper the price the better!
  22. ctchristmaslights

    Led For Wireframes

    I am looking for a reasonable LED strand with removable bulbs (Full Wave) to replace my existing minis on my frames. I have 60+ frames that I will do over time. Any suggestions on vendors for this. They all seem pretty expensive or i can not find them with removable bulbs
  23. fireman5214

    Spiral Tree Restring

    Hello all, just wondering what the best way to restring leds on a sprial tree is. The previous lights have the clips mounted on them already, and I can get the leds to go on the spiral itself, but what coulod I use to hold them since the sockets ont he incan string had the clips mounted and the other normal replacement clips wont work. Is there any thin gauge wire or ornamant hook wire I could use? Thanks for any ideas.
  24. .First Energy Corp. is providing ways for people to save energy around their homes, with this they are providing energy saving flyers at stores in PA. I walked into Lowe's today and the guy was there handing out these flyers and I talked to him for a bit. He said that he knows PA First Energy Companies are doing it, not sure about other states like Ohio. The companies covering this is Met-Ed, Penelec, Penn Power. You can receive 10.00 off Energy saving surge protectors, and Torchiere floor lamps and 3.33 off LED holiday light sets. (limit 6 holiday light sets per person). I have attached the entire flyers for you to review. They are printed on semi gloss card stock so that might be a good thing to buy to reproduce these very well ( I do not know if they will accept them on paper). Visit https://www.firstene.../s...vania.html for more details. This is good for ANY Energy Star LED light set. To see if they are doing something similar in your area please visit: https://www.firstene...com/fehome.html This rebate is valid Oct 28 2009 - May 31st 2013 (products to be purchased and rebate MUST be postmarked by June 7th 2013. Some limitations apply: must be listed by the EPA as ENERGY STAR qualified, LED holiday light sets are limited to 6 per customer, a photocopy or portion of the packaging illustrating the brand and proof of led is required to qualify for the rebate. ALSO: they have a CFL Rebate http://energysavepa-home.com/cfl The CFL Program from Met-Ed, Penelec and Penn Power (FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities) provides for discounts on the purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs at participating stores in Pennsylvania** or at our online store. You’ll save $1.00 on each ENERGY STAR qualified light bulb you purchase — and you’ll be taking an important step toward reducing your energy usage. It’s Easy! There’s no paperwork to fill out and no rebate form to mail. Simply visit one of the retail locations participating in the program, purchase selected CFLs displaying the ENERGY STAR logo and receive your discount on the spot!