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  1. That is the Empire #1571 Santa, sleigh & Reindeer set, the 1977 year they had in the listing is the mold date that is on the sleigh. We purchased a set of those with two reindeer from Ernst Malmo back in 1980 or 1981 after Christmas at 50% off. The reindeer came with two different stands through the years. The reindeer are smaller then any of the other companies reindeer. Mel
  2. It possibly could have been with a set I have no way of knowing about that. Mel
  3. Yes, I agree, you can even click on the thumbnails in the auction and get the enlarged pictures yet and the auction was 11 years ago. We didn't even know Mold-Craft made reindeer when that auction came up. I remember no one on PC had even heard of Mold-Craft other then the company that sells the fishing lures until we got our first pair of choir molds at a local auction here in Conway back in June 2004 and I took pictures and posted them asking if anyone knew anything about them, no one did. These are the pictures that I posted back then. That was back in the days that all the old timers were still here and I was a newbie. Mel
  4. Here's a link to the first Mold-Craft reindeer we had seen at the time, I was the winner of the live eBay online auction and got it for the opening bid. The shipping from Florida to Washington state was more than the reindeer and that was back when shipping was very low for these items. Note the date that the item sold. http://www.icollector.com/Vintage-1959-Flying-Reindeer-Roof-top-Mold-Craft-Inc_i5373196 Mel
  5. It is my understanding that there are no molds left from Mold-Craft or Heller Industries, when Heller burned on January 31, 1966 they suffered a total loss. I have read several newspaper articles from the day that Heller burned and some of them say that they burned to the ground for a total loss. Note: The date in the picture caption is wrong, the alarm was actually sounded about 6 am on January 31, 1966> Mel
  6. Some Empire Spook Light flashlights from the 1960s and 1970's. Empire Plastics Halloween Spook Lights Flashlights, Top row, Maniac, Pumpkin & Skull shown in 1965 & 1966 newspaper advertisements. Middle row, Pumpkin, Witch & Devil 1969 mold date on back, shown in 1971 newspaper ads. Bottom row, Pumpkin, first two are front and back of of wide stem version, Narrow stem version on right has the same back design as wide stem version. Narrow stem version shown in 1967 & 1968 newspaper ads. Mel
  7. A few notes on the history of Rubber Display, Inc., Mold-Craft, Heller Industries, Adell Plastics and Dutchland Plastics. All of these notes have been confirmed. Mel Notes on Rubber Display, Inc., Mold-Craft, Heller Industries, Adell Plastics & Dutchland Plastics. Mold-Craft originated in 1936 or 1937 and according to an undated, unidentified newspaper clipping, the business operated out of a basement at 3727 N. Palmer Street in Milwaukee as “Rubber Display, Inc.” (1) Rubber Display, Inc. was put out of business by 1941 due to the federal government’s restrictions on the production of rubber products during WWII. (1) In October 1947 production began again at the North Palmer Street location as Mold-Craft Co. (1) (7) Mold-Craft was destroyed by fire in 1950. (2) Mold-Craft moved to Port Washington, WI in 1952. (6) Mold-Craft went bankrupt in 1962. (2) Heller Industries took over in 1962. (2) Mold-Craft assets and business sold to Plesko & Associates for $38,000 in May 1963. (3) Heller Industries burned to the ground on January 31, 1966 for a total loss. (8) Heller Industries reopened in Adell, WI in February 1966. (4) Heller Industries went bankrupt February 28, 1967. (2) William Claerbout and Jack Luccehsi purchased Heller and opened as “Adell Plastics Corp.” on March 1, 1967. (2) Adell Plastics changed name to Dutchland Plastics Corp. in June, 1968. (5) Dutchland Plastics moved to Oostburg, WI in April, 1968. (2) Dutchland Plastics still in business today, does not make Christmas items.
  8. Through the last 14 years I have posted many pictures here on PC and it is very difficult to remember what I have posted and what I haven't, this is one that I might have posted before but don't remember for sure. This is a very early Rudolph sculpted by D. Wiken and introduced by Mold-Craft in 1951. This reindeer was first designed and made by Mold-Craft while they were still on N. Palmer Street in Milwaukee WI before they moved to Port Washington, WI. It was one of Wiken's first projects for Mold-Craft when he started sculpting for them in 1951. Mel
  9. I found a good deal on the purple ones on Amazon last year I think they were about $20 with free shipping at the time. I don't see any on Amazon now, I only buy the Union Products ones, either the original Union Products or the new Cado ones. I still need to find a set of the Union Products/Faster Form ones yet. Mel
  10. The Flamingos at Home Depot are not the Cado/Union Product ones they were made by someone else. Mel
  11. Mold-Craft went bankrupt in 1962 their successor Heller Industries burned to the ground for a total loss in January 1966. To my knowledge the old Mold-Craft/Heller property was cleaned up and paved over for a parking lot. Mel
  12. I found another 1961 Mold-Craft ad in my files that has the Oshkosh address. Mel
  13. I guess I should check Hobby Lobby here they haven't had any blow molds in the past. Did they only have the pink ones or did they have the Caribbean blue and purple ones also? Mel
  14. Depends on which Poloron Santa you are referring to, in 1967 the 31" Santa was $2.99 on sale. In 1973 the Poloron Giant Illuminated Santa or Snowman were regular price $13.47 and on sale for $10.88 at Howard's Discount Center in Corbin, Ky. Mel
  15. Here are a couple that I posted a year or two ago. These are a bit more detailed and in color. They are of the large UP Realmingo. Mel The Featherstone Flamingo, as seen when it comes out of the mold. Factory worker punches the Featherstone flamingo out of the plastic molding after it comes out of the machinery.