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  • The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine. A few years later, Pope Julius I officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on that day.
  • Santa Claus's sleigh is led by eight reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder (variously spelled Donder and Donner), and Blixem (variously spelled Blixen and Blitzen), with Rudolph being a 20th-century inclusion.
  • Outdoor Christmas lights on homes evolved from decorating the traditional Christmas tree and house with candles during the Christmas season. Lighting the tree with small candles dates back to the 17th century and originated in Germany before spreading to Eastern Europe.
  • That big, jolly man in the red suit with a white beard didn’t always look that way. Prior to 1931, Santa was depicted as everything from a tall gaunt man to a spooky-looking elf. He has donned a bishop's robe and a Norse huntsman's animal skin. When Civil War cartoonist Thomas Nast drew Santa Claus for Harper's Weekly in 1862, Santa was a small elflike figure who supported the Union. Nast continued to draw Santa for 30 years, changing the color of his coat from tan to the red he’s known for today.
  • Christmas 2018 countdown has already begun. Will you be ready???
  • Why do we love Christmas? It's all about the traditions. In this chaotic world we can miss the "good old days." Christmas reminds us of that time.

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    Having a favorite is too hard. Every year the challenges of family and friends coming together are different, every year we are thankful for whatever time we can get, and every year it is wonderful. Each year is too unique, but the spirit of the holidays is what is my favorite, its the feeling.
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    Minneapolis, MN
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    Grew up in Minnesota, love the extreme weather, love all four seasons.
    I am a Wisconsin Badger Alumni.
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    Manufacturing holiday decorations both in the home and outside of the home
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    We manufacture floral sheeting, fringe, and garland in the USA, as well as front door and garage door decorations. We showcase these products as many do not know who we are.

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  1. My Door Decor

    Cyber Monday Sale for Door Decor

    Forgot the link, to shop visit https://www.mydoordecor.com/
  2. My Door Decor is having a Cyber Monday Sale! 24 Hour Sale beginning at 8AM CST on Nov 26. 20% off store-wide and free shipping using promo code CYBER18
  3. See all the designs here: https://www.mydoordecor.com/christmas-garage-door-decor We want to hear from you! What kinds of Christmas designs do you think we are missing? We have lots of Santa and Snowmen and Religious options. Would you like to see more fun cartoon images, more realistic, typography based? We need your opinions and input so we can provide you with the best product. Thanks!
  4. Over at My Door Decor we've added three new garage door designs. We have sizes for 2 door, 1 door, split doors and front doors. Check out our entire Christmas selection https://www.mydoordecor.com/christmas-garage-door-decor
  5. My Door Decor


    We have a new website that is much easier to use, with new themes, and many more Christmas designs coming soon too! We were showcased numerous times in the Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC, both using our garland on most of their outdoor frames as well as My Door Decor's garage door murals. Our garland can be found on our site here: https://www.victorycorps.com/Category/Select?categoryid=1212 Our door decor products can be found here: www.MyDoorDecor.com
  6. My Door Decor


    NEW FRONT DOOR CHRISTMAS MURAL DESIGNS JUST LAUNCHED! More at the following link! https://www.mydoordecor.com/front-door-decor
  7. My Door Decor


    New Upgraded Hardware and NEW sizes available 8' x 8' / 8' x 9 / and 8' x 16' www.MyDoorDecor.com Promo code DOORMENOW still active this month for 20% off.
  8. My Door Decor


    Is there a better place to put a promotion or a more appropriate place? www.MYDOORDECOR.com 20% ENTIRE ORDER PROMO CODE: DOORMENOW Good thru 10/31.
  9. My Door Decor


  10. My Door Decor


    I appreciate all the questions and feedback. We should have most other sizes available by Q1 of 2018, so I appreciate your patience as we grow our assortment. I do have a question: Are there consumer shows that a lot of PC members attend that we should be at?
  11. My Door Decor


    Should be out in the next few months with all sizes.
  12. My Door Decor


    We are out of our hardware inventory for about 2 weeks now due to demand. Once we get our next delivery of hardware, we should be good to go for the rest of the holiday seasons 2017. With that said, any order should ship out within 2 - 3 days once inventory arrives. Thanks for your message!
  13. My Door Decor


    www.MyDoorDecor.com is the site with Garage Door and Front Door Decorations, we launched it independently of www.Victorycorps.com
  14. Hey community, This is my first post and we are new to this, so if I'm doing this wrong and/or not in the correct place, please let me know kindly and I will edit as needed. Our company is called Victory Corps. We are over 100 years old and are the leader in manufacturing floral sheeting, fringe, and garland for party, events, and parades. Our floral sheeting can be used as a back drop, table overlay/runner/skirt, or to wrap a column or set on the floor for texture. Our garland and fringe are used for borders, skirting, hanging as streamers, and much more. We are also excited to announce that www.MyDoorDecor.com is restocked with new designs for single car garages, double car garages, split car garages, and single indoor/outdoor front doors. We have partnered with the old owner to increase capacity, service, lead times, and quality. We are sold on Amazon under VICTORY CORPS and www.MyDoorDecor.com. We manufacture everything in the USA (MINNESOTA TO BE EXACT)! www.VictoryCorps.com https://www.facebook.com/pg/victorycorp/photos www.MyDoorDecor.com I look forward to hearing everyone's comments and feedback. Thanks!