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Did you know?
  • The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine. A few years later, Pope Julius I officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on that day.
  • Santa Claus's sleigh is led by eight reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder (variously spelled Donder and Donner), and Blixem (variously spelled Blixen and Blitzen), with Rudolph being a 20th-century inclusion.
  • Outdoor Christmas lights on homes evolved from decorating the traditional Christmas tree and house with candles during the Christmas season. Lighting the tree with small candles dates back to the 17th century and originated in Germany before spreading to Eastern Europe.
  • That big, jolly man in the red suit with a white beard didn’t always look that way. Prior to 1931, Santa was depicted as everything from a tall gaunt man to a spooky-looking elf. He has donned a bishop's robe and a Norse huntsman's animal skin. When Civil War cartoonist Thomas Nast drew Santa Claus for Harper's Weekly in 1862, Santa was a small elflike figure who supported the Union. Nast continued to draw Santa for 30 years, changing the color of his coat from tan to the red he’s known for today.
  • Christmas 2018 countdown has already begun. Will you be ready???
  • Why do we love Christmas? It's all about the traditions. In this chaotic world we can miss the "good old days." Christmas reminds us of that time.



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  • My favorite Christmas story
    My sister's first animated CHRISTMAS window in her home 's bow window years ago.... Animated elves , artificial snow and animated Santa Claus....Blew me away....really did a very nice display..
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    Try to due a little variation every year. Not as much as I used to do when I was a little younger ....To do a nice window takes time and a little work . Wish I had a twin to help out now in this department !

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    Looking for parts to a Gemmy Life Size Santa

    I would try first with the company and then look on EBAY FOR PARTS TO THAT ITEM YOU ARE TRYING TO RESTORE.......
  2. Thank you so much for the info....I can always use another source if need be....
  3. Hello Skip.....Go to KINDY'S CHRISTMAS FACTORY OUTLET , located in PHILADELPIA , PA. Google them as I don't have their email address at the moment.. They have a motor for a 48" animated deer and you can always design a mounting bracket for it if it doesn't match up exactly with your present motor mount.This is a 110 V motor and I have used a few of them on my deer and animated 48'' angel wings..only place I have found with replacement motors for this stuff........Frank

    Gemmy Santa Help.

    Could be as Charlie E . said a split gear...My experiance almost always boils down to a disconnected or bent rod hanging up and lacking some lubrication where two rods connect or are joined...

    David Hamberger Animation

    Good Morning....I'm a "new kid on the block" here as of today [4/27/17 ] , and I'm looking for a little expertise on the motors used on DAVID HAMBERGER animated figures.....Just picked up some elves ,a wagon, giant snowball and donkey these past 2 weeks and some of the dolls don't move . also some have some broken limbs and a broken right hoof on the donkey.I would appreciate any info on these as far as repairs on the motors [ any pictures of motor repairs in progress would be a great help ]...Thank you in advance for any assistance...Frank