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Big J Illinois

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  • My favorite Christmas story Celebrating christmas with my best friend,and wife
  • Location Northern Illinois
  • Biography FIrst year of decorating a house with garage sale, craiglist finds...and the occasional purchase of used lights from members...
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  • About my display Growing and always room for one last bulb

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  1. A video of what? The flamingos being made?
  2. Plexi and use LED?
  3. Steer clear of Gemmy....Gemmy=Garbage....I have seen some pretty PO'd people on here ,that had Gemmy icicle (color changing) that were not happy at all with the product
  4. Love the house Scot!! Lots of yard to fill up!! Keep us posted on what you do:)
  5. I have (4) 20 amp gfci quad outlets on each end of the house. We run Woods Brand remote units,and shut them on and off each night from the bedroom,kitchen,wherever we like. Have used these since'09 and never had a problem. Also, we use Woods indoor remote units for all the indoor stuff, tree,other stuff. A simple push of a button, and no problems The house is 2700 sq ft, 2 story and never a problem with range ect. I dI'd that the outdoor ones apart and used Deox brand, on the contacts. It's helps with oxidation from being outdoors and doesn't allow arcing on the contacts when it turns on. Dielectricgrease on all connections and never had ANY problems with rain, melting or wet snow. It also helped with false trips of the GFI. Didn't have a one ,after I put grease on the connections.
  6. Hey Dale, here was our 2016 display. Don't be afraid to set it up during the aummer. When we did our arches, me neighbors actully came over and helped. Some of the people that drove by, damn near ran off the road ,gawking at what the nut job (me), was doing. We received many complements about the arches, and probaly 20 people asked how long it took, what's it made of ect. I would LOVE to make another mega tree on the left side (pending the approval from the boss lolol) of the house and move the pvc trees further back.
  7. Hey Moe, Hey Moe....love it!!
  8. Me too...but the cords are 8 guage and the outlets are 30 amp twist locks...
  9. Hey Dale, our mega tree has LED, C3 size if that helps.
  10. Dale, I would go with LED also...could you send a video of the electrick meter when all those incans are on?
  11. I wouldn't worry about the female plugs at the top either. I use dielectric on all connections. Not necessary though. I used 46 strings af 70 on my attempt of a 22 ft tree in 2016. I loved how it turned out, with many complements:) it's not how many lights you have, but what you think looks good:) my strings are 22ft 6 inches and the tree is 22 ft plus the 2ft star. The lights you bought, those are incandescent? Hope you are going to have more then 1 circuit feeding that:)
  12. Good luck Scot, don't loose touch with us on PC:)
  13. I hope the lil' molds came back in style...I remember them as a 10 yr old, my grandma had them on her display case....very retro and wish I could go back in time:)
  14. Anyone can visit there local trailer park,KOA, or campsite and see a plethora of flamingos,all colors,including plastic flowers and owl lights lolol
  15. I am sorry there isn't a meet in Illinois