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  1. I believe I found it in an old closed eBay auction. Sorry if the photo belongs to anyone here but I couldn't find any other images if that specific lantern.
  2. Could you please post in another thread or pm me? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. I have that catalog in my files but it's only 15 pages. How many are there?
  4. Does anyone know who made the flat back Noel lantern in the first pic? I know the rest are GP. The second photo is from London England. The ornaments may be from a European company or made of fiberglass. Anyone have catalog images/other pics? Manufacturer info would be appreciated.
  5. Three blind mice was the three stooges theme! I'm not sure too many people would get it, but a lot of blow mold collectors are also history buffs, so thanks for posting it here.
  6. That was the Rudolph for the junior size deer team. I have Rudolph pics for all three deer teams. Shown in this pic is the regular deer from the junior and king size teams, and Rudy from the life size team. Enjoy. The other photo is of the complete life-size set. I have a photo of the king size Rudy I can post if interested
  7. General foam manufactured a few molds in different paint variations around 2014. They are usually sold in the boxes with the "Holiday Decor" logo. I'm not sure if these colours are still in production. The Santa train is black instead of red/green. The Traditional size Wisemen are dressed in blue and purple apposed to red, yellow and pink. The child Nativity wiseman with the train has a dark purple cloak instead of light purple/pink. The wiseman with the Teddy is in red instead of pink. The shepherds under shirt is green apposed to pink and Jesus's Manger is dark brown apposed to the same color of the straw.
  8. By original sale prices we would have Poloron Santa's selling for 15.99
  9. That is next to pristine. The choir boy does have damage to his hair but things like that don't really effect eBay value unless the blow mold is completely wrecked.
  10. Depends on the manufacturer. Two companies manufactured those specific blow molds. The girl did have wings at one point. That decreases the value. The choir boys are worth about $20 each if they're made by general foam plastics, $40 each if they're made by empire plastics. Those are prices you could get on eBay. The girl is worth about $10 if it's general foam, $20 if it's empire. That is with the wings missing. You should be able to find the manufacturer stamp either on the bottom or on the back.
  11. I just tie four garlands together with zip ties to make mine thicker.
  12. Lol I get retro my garland for a buck fifty for 20ft at the dollar store
  13. Here is the life size set. It has 18 pieces
  14. Here are photos of 12 pieces of the 15 piece Wiken set. It has been restored (first photo) and is displayed outfront a church. The missing pieces are another sheep, shepherd (standing) and an ox.
  15. This would be considered extremely rare as well. This the GF 60" Santa with a blue bag, one of two produced. It is the last Blow mold on this page of Blow-Molded.com. There was more than one made, so it can't be considered rarest, but it is up there. http://www.blow-molded.com/General_Foam___Santa_Claus.html