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Did you know?
  • The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine. A few years later, Pope Julius I officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on that day.
  • Santa Claus's sleigh is led by eight reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder (variously spelled Donder and Donner), and Blixem (variously spelled Blixen and Blitzen), with Rudolph being a 20th-century inclusion.
  • Outdoor Christmas lights on homes evolved from decorating the traditional Christmas tree and house with candles during the Christmas season. Lighting the tree with small candles dates back to the 17th century and originated in Germany before spreading to Eastern Europe.
  • That big, jolly man in the red suit with a white beard didn’t always look that way. Prior to 1931, Santa was depicted as everything from a tall gaunt man to a spooky-looking elf. He has donned a bishop's robe and a Norse huntsman's animal skin. When Civil War cartoonist Thomas Nast drew Santa Claus for Harper's Weekly in 1862, Santa was a small elflike figure who supported the Union. Nast continued to draw Santa for 30 years, changing the color of his coat from tan to the red he’s known for today.
  • Christmas 2018 countdown has already begun. Will you be ready???
  • Why do we love Christmas? It's all about the traditions. In this chaotic world we can miss the "good old days." Christmas reminds us of that time.

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  1. wow!!! I hate to admit it, but sometimes the old ads are as cool as the molds they advertised. 15 cent hotdog, and get a soft drink free...cool so very cool, 99 cent costumes....once again cool so very very cool
  2. Don Mcabee

    Need advice

    post a list here and if anybody is interested you can exchange contact info, email, text etc
  3. Don Mcabee

    Need advice

  4. Don Mcabee

    Looking for lights while in USA

    If you are in Orlando, just drive another 45 min or so to Clearwater, Home of Roberts Christmas Wonderland.....Best Christmas store in Florida!!! We visit there every year!!
  5. Don Mcabee

    General Foam Auction Tarboro

    if I manage to go and take $1500 with me I'm sure I'll have plenty for you to paint
  6. Don Mcabee

    General Foam Auction Tarboro

    I'm looking into going now, nothing confirmed. Depending on my vacation days, Uhaul rental, etc
  7. Don Mcabee

    General Foam Auction Tarboro

    I got a message on Facebook today that GF is having one final...final...final sale this month I'm thinking the 29th but everybody should go to BMN and confirm...see ya there
  8. Don Mcabee

    RED C6 leds


    • Wanted
    • Used

    Looking for red c6 leds new or used is fine depending on price, need approx 20 , 100ct strings full or half wave, will also consider m6 let me know.....I also have a butt load of gf BIG BULBS new in box if interested...


  9. Don Mcabee

    Just got these today and friday

    Big J, If you come across this deer, grab it up for me...Remember the "claude the reindeer" story I told my little girl? I NEED THIS CLAUDE!!!! LOL (not kidding lol)
  10. prayers going up!!!
  11. Don Mcabee

    Empire 1974 Christmas Catalog

    hopefully the ones that they bought at the auction will make it into production this year, I would like to see a new color scheme for the nativity...time will tell
  12. Don Mcabee

    Empire 1974 Christmas Catalog

    Well Mell, on a more positive note I read an update today that CADO updated their molds to include a few Gen Foam pieces, so this is good news...kinda...sorta
  13. Don Mcabee

    So I go to the antique mall...

    the ever elusive peep has been on my list all year and now Easter is over lmao I can't win😂😂😂
  14. Don Mcabee

    So I go to the antique mall...

    there are definitely some things in your pics that made my mouth water
  15. Don Mcabee

    So I go to the antique mall...

    I need to send you back shopping for me lol!!!