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    Anyone else get this? (I should have replaced the light in Curly for the picture but I got lazy).
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    Got these candles for two buck each, $8 total.
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    Parts are arriving and things are slowly coming together.
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    I've completely forgot to send close up pics of the angel I did get to see , I do not own it but I was happy to be able to see it in person
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    Long story short... the PlanetChristmas forums are now on a different big computer in the sky. What should have taken just a few hours ended up taking about 36 hours. Sorry for the site being off-line... but things should be returning to normal.
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    Here's a link to the first Mold-Craft reindeer we had seen at the time, I was the winner of the live eBay online auction and got it for the opening bid. The shipping from Florida to Washington state was more than the reindeer and that was back when shipping was very low for these items. Note the date that the item sold. http://www.icollector.com/Vintage-1959-Flying-Reindeer-Roof-top-Mold-Craft-Inc_i5373196 Mel
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    Through the last 14 years I have posted many pictures here on PC and it is very difficult to remember what I have posted and what I haven't, this is one that I might have posted before but don't remember for sure. This is a very early Rudolph sculpted by D. Wiken and introduced by Mold-Craft in 1951. This reindeer was first designed and made by Mold-Craft while they were still on N. Palmer Street in Milwaukee WI before they moved to Port Washington, WI. It was one of Wiken's first projects for Mold-Craft when he started sculpting for them in 1951. Mel
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    A few notes on the history of Rubber Display, Inc., Mold-Craft, Heller Industries, Adell Plastics and Dutchland Plastics. All of these notes have been confirmed. Mel Notes on Rubber Display, Inc., Mold-Craft, Heller Industries, Adell Plastics & Dutchland Plastics. Mold-Craft originated in 1936 or 1937 and according to an undated, unidentified newspaper clipping, the business operated out of a basement at 3727 N. Palmer Street in Milwaukee as “Rubber Display, Inc.” (1) Rubber Display, Inc. was put out of business by 1941 due to the federal government’s restrictions on the production of rubber products during WWII. (1) In October 1947 production began again at the North Palmer Street location as Mold-Craft Co. (1) (7) Mold-Craft was destroyed by fire in 1950. (2) Mold-Craft moved to Port Washington, WI in 1952. (6) Mold-Craft went bankrupt in 1962. (2) Heller Industries took over in 1962. (2) Mold-Craft assets and business sold to Plesko & Associates for $38,000 in May 1963. (3) Heller Industries burned to the ground on January 31, 1966 for a total loss. (8) Heller Industries reopened in Adell, WI in February 1966. (4) Heller Industries went bankrupt February 28, 1967. (2) William Claerbout and Jack Luccehsi purchased Heller and opened as “Adell Plastics Corp.” on March 1, 1967. (2) Adell Plastics changed name to Dutchland Plastics Corp. in June, 1968. (5) Dutchland Plastics moved to Oostburg, WI in April, 1968. (2) Dutchland Plastics still in business today, does not make Christmas items.
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    Some Empire Spook Light flashlights from the 1960s and 1970's. Empire Plastics Halloween Spook Lights Flashlights, Top row, Maniac, Pumpkin & Skull shown in 1965 & 1966 newspaper advertisements. Middle row, Pumpkin, Witch & Devil 1969 mold date on back, shown in 1971 newspaper ads. Bottom row, Pumpkin, first two are front and back of of wide stem version, Narrow stem version on right has the same back design as wide stem version. Narrow stem version shown in 1967 & 1968 newspaper ads. Mel
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    General foam manufactured a few molds in different paint variations around 2014. They are usually sold in the boxes with the "Holiday Decor" logo. I'm not sure if these colours are still in production. The Santa train is black instead of red/green. The Traditional size Wisemen are dressed in blue and purple apposed to red, yellow and pink. The child Nativity wiseman with the train has a dark purple cloak instead of light purple/pink. The wiseman with the Teddy is in red instead of pink. The shepherds under shirt is green apposed to pink and Jesus's Manger is dark brown apposed to the same color of the straw.
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    Hello, I am new here My name is Jerry, I live in Missouri . Actually won first place in our city Christmas decorating contest last year. First one we have had. I live in Marthasville. I am looking for a Gemmy Carousel, ( Not Inflatable ) and also Gemmy Ferris Wheel. I already have one of the Ferris Wheels, ( 7 footer ), Would like 5 footer or 7 footer if available, DEFINITELY want the Carousel. I also have the Teeter Totter with Santa and the Reindeer, still in box. I have a few inflatables if somebody is interested in them, MR. and MRS. Clause on a swing that moves. , and a couple of Santa Claus ones. Thanks Jerry
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    A little late but here is one of my videos from this year. Hope you enjoy. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
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    How sweet of you to remember!!! You made my day! It was FABULOUS! We ended up using a 5500w generator that someone loaned us. It was noisy, but we put it on a carpet pad and the sides of the pickup truck along with blaring Christmas music helped drown out the generator. The team had a blast AND we won the award for "Best Use of Lights!" I'll try to attach some pics. Thanks again for asking!
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    Here are some pics of the flame bulbs I think you are talking about, and a regular 25 watt bulb that looks to be painted on the inside. A few old strands of lights since we are talking about old bulbs.
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    I have decided it was time to thin out my blowmold collection and try and raise some money to purchase pixels. I have more to be pictured I'll ad them once I have them out. If your interested we can discuss prices based on what you want. I would prefer not to ship but will consider it but remember this are expensive to ship. I also have some other nativity peices and toy soldiers and elf's that I will add tomorrow.
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    Although I've changed much of my display over to LED's I'm still stubbornly keeping incandescent lights in the display. If you like incandescent mini's, phase out the standard .32amp variety with the energy saving ones like Phillips brand energy savers. With .16amp. draw your getting twice the lighting power with hardly a discernible difference in brightness. There is a warmth in incandescent light that just cant be found in LED's and I don't ever see myself having a display without them.
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    I know that by Planet Christmas standards, I am a rank amateur. Still, I won an award from the Colonialtown Neighborhood Association for best decorated house in the Norman Rockwell (nostalgic) division. So I put a few pictures on Planet Christmas because I have enjoyed your company so much during the other months of the year. Aside from what can be seen in the photos, I have a star shower trained upward into a 300 year old live oak; blooming camellias and hibiscus, and, over 250 poinsettia blossoms throughout the property. Thanks for the thoughts you folks shared with me in 2016 and a very fine 2017 to you all! Doc
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    Another day on the assembly line at Union Products in July 1998. Mel
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    My 7th project is the wire-frame "Merry Christmas" sign with EL wire; I wanted a largish sign outside and over our main front window, one that could be seen form the street - neon was an overkill and way too expensive, and LED strips would not bend properly around the curves I had in mind - I ended up getting some 12v red and green EL wire, red for the "Merry" and green for the "Christmas".This project was extremely challenging and progress was slow, but the hard work of bending the 6mm wire is now complete and the results speak for themselves.The general supply list for this project was: 6mm galvanised wire EL wire; 5m of each - red and green with 12v input drivers and 1-to-2 splitter cable template for the letters bending guide - sourced from MS Word fonts and blown up on a photocopier aluminium frame bracing - 10mm x 4mm aluminium strap and and 10mm U section - the words were attached to this sturdy light-weight frame and can be attached to my wall with 2 hooks; it's painted the same colour as the existing wall paint to blend in Black spray paint for the letters Basic tools included: heavy duty pliers (2 pairs help), bench vise, hammer, bending forms, glue gun, thick gloves for the wire bending process, tough hands/fingers! This was an absolute pain at first - I don't have access to a welder (and am not planning on buying one anytime soon) so bending the 6mm wire into the letter curves I needed was no joke, particularly without a professional form or bender, however I plodded on and managed to complete all the bends using only a vise, two pairs of pliers and a hammer...it took the best part of 3 weekends to do, but once done it looked great! The capital "M" and "C" are approx. 30cm's in height.The words were primed and spray painted matt black, then the EL wire was attached using a glue gun - fiddly, but turned out well.Here's some pictures of the build stages: The bracing/holding frame was made from aluminium "U" sections and flat aluminium strap for the braces; everything was riveted together, using the wire-frame words as a spacing guide, then primed and painted with the house paint colour, being outdoor acrylic PVA.The Merry Christmas wire-frame then attached to the aluminium frame using the smallest black nylon zip-ties I had in the workshop: The EL wire was fitted onto the wire-frame words using a glue gun - it took some time and my glue-gun technique wasn't the best, however its turned out really well and I'm well-pleased with the results!Here's some pictures of the final project lit up; the first is with the garage lights on, while the second is with the garage lights off Here's some more outdoor distance/mounted photos; unfortunately not the clearest as they were taken with my phone.This is also not the final placement setting on the wall (as I don't have readily-available 12v power where it will be located yet); I've just hung it temporarily with thick bent wire over the parapet wall, but you get the general idea. The section of wall it will be mounted on is approx. 1m from the top of the window frame to the top of the parapet wall - it will be mounted with 2 L-type hook screws so that it can be moved easily, but will also be stable when mounted.I think the mounting frame has blended well with the existing wall colour, given it was painted with the same paint colour/type. The frame does stand out a bit during the day (sun shadows), however the purpose of this sign will be to light and use at night.Onto the photos... each has 3 shots: late afternoon (not lit), dusk (lit) and after dark (lit)A close-up photo of the sign: Medium distance photo - based on how people will see it from our front gate: Longer distance photo - you'd have to stand outside our gate and across our street to get this view distance: This was a once-off project and I don't expect I'll be making more of these wire-frame letter/word signs any time soon - I may however try my hand at a few small wire-frame reindeer though!If you need more pictures or information on the build steps let me know.
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    It sounds like you saw those trees somewhere local to you. If that is the case then why don't you try to ask the person that displayed them? I agree with you about the whole RGB/Pixel thing. It is complicated. I think the first step in learning about them is confusion! There are lots of Christmas gatherings ranging from small workshop demonstrations to large conventions. I'd try to find one near you and attend. There will almost certainly be a presentation or class on RGB/pixels. TED
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    That was the Rudolph for the junior size deer team. I have Rudolph pics for all three deer teams. Shown in this pic is the regular deer from the junior and king size teams, and Rudy from the life size team. Enjoy. The other photo is of the complete life-size set. I have a photo of the king size Rudy I can post if interested
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    Thanks guys, great advice. I have an idea on what I'm going to do for this years display, but am trying to plan for the future when I convert to LED lights and want to make sure I buy the right stuff the first time. Incandescent lights use too much power, I already have to add two 20 amp circuits to the side of my house just to run this years show and it's not that big so I defiantly have to switch to LED. I see what you guys are saying about the extra work for RGB lights, but really see a big benefit to using them as well as conventional LED strings. I enjoy working with electronics and have a good sized work shop full of cool tools to play with so I have the ability to create my own power supplies and panels if needed. Guess I could get a few RGB strings this year just to mess around with and see how they work. Here are a few pictures of my work shop. I'm currently working on converting a manual milling machine to CNC control and built the entire control box. The blue lathe in the picture is also CNC controlled as well as the small D&M milling machine. My brother and I built a large CNC router (which is now at his house) but I have access to it if needed for stuff like large plywood cutouts. Dale P. Dale P.
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    Open to all PC/LOR members, families and friends on the planet!!! Date: Saturday April 8th. (Friday/Saturday evening plans on location are in the works for those that want to be active with lights at night and enjoy beverages and visiting) Location: 9504 S Rockwell Ave, Okla City, OK 73169 (see the google map) Google Map Admission: Free as always Time: 12:00 pm until ??? Lodging: there are many hotels in the area which can be found with a google search. Any hotels along I-40 or I-240 are in good areas. Hotels in Bricktown are good if looking for something else to do during your visit to OKC. Bass Pro Shop is there too. Tents/RVs: If you feel like roughing it J and want to save money, I have a couple acres to setup a tent or park an RV if you choose to do so. I can provide 110v power and water to those who request it. A port-a-potty will be available on site. And yes, we have a fire pit too. Food/snacks and such will be provided. This means we eat/munch at our own pace and spend more time on the fun stuff. J If anyone wants to make a donation or bring food/snacks, please let me know. If you’re a chef, or just like cooking/baking, then by all means bring your masterpiece. J BBQ meat is in the process of being worked out. Strongly recommended: Bring your projects, thoughts, ideas and especially your humor. There have been great ideas shared and posted. I would like to see those ideas in person, along with everyone else who attends. Door prizes will be given out during the event by random drawing. There will be an overhead projector connected to a computer for any training/sharing or showing videos of our displays. Please bring your own laptop/computer if you feel the need and maybe want assistance with setting up your channels/settings and such. A soldering station will be setup for those wanting to see/learn a little and maybe even build/repair a few things. There will also be an area set up (darkened) for displaying lit-up projects to see in action during the day. Now is the time to chime in and mention what you would like to see/show/share. So what would you like to see/share??? DIY? RGB strips? Pixels? Arches? Mini Trees? Mega Tree? Snow Flakes? Pixel Editor? Superstar? Controllers? Transmitters? It's endless!!! (so bring your stuff to show others). If you are thinking, planning or have started on a project and want to ask/show/share, please do so!!! If you have items to swap/trade/sell, bring those too. As mentioned earlier, there is "no cost" to attend the OKC-Mini. There is “no schedule” to keep up with once things get started. So show up when you can and stay for however long you can. Reminder: your inputs are strongly recommended and appreciated. Soooo stay tuned for further updates/posts. Thank you, and let the fun begin .
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    Here are a few I missed the first time. I'm open to offers and deals. pixels bullets 2811 or pixel related stuff if anyone wants to trade.
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    Hi Dale Right now we have our pre sale going, which is the cheapest pricing of the year for quality LED lights. http://www.holiday-light-express.com/ RGB is it's own beast. It's not going to be as "plug and play" as using regular LED strands. RGB runs on low voltage so you are always fighting voltage drop. They also use a fair bit of power... But, you can do pretty much whatever you want as far as color and patterns. Our standard LED light strands are sealed construction, so they are very durable. They are also full wave, so you get flicker free light as well a brightness gain. They will work fine with light controller as well. My suggestions, is to go watch a ton of YouTube videos of Christmas slight shows. Pick out what you like and what you don;t like. Some people don't like how RGB looks, some love it. Some people hate how LED's look and will only use incandescent.... Once you get a rough idea of what you like and what you may want to accomplish with your display, then post some details here and we will help get you on a good path and make sure you are successful.
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    Here are more of the Coro poles completed. If you can do the video in HD.
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    I was given the black train this year! I not only love it, because someone I don't even know gave it to me , but also because I own the green one, and never would've bought black, but having it,and seeing it in my yard I just love it, and smile every time I see it!!!! The thing looks in mint condition, too, I don't think it was ever outdoors.
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    Won the local contest. The prize is my local radio station will pay my electric bill for the entire month of December. Guess they didn't know that the molds are mostly 40w incans
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    Thanks for posting. These are some interesting shots. It is remarkable how you can still see some metalic silver color on the garland. The paint on her face is amazing considering they gave her bottom lashes and blushed cheeks. I wonder how many times this particular angel was displayed and how many folks must have looked up and smiled.
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    Picture from our local historical society of a house in the community decorated for Christmas in the 50's.
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    In 2016, myself and 2 other lighting enthusiasts from Port Stanley & St. Thomas are looking to start a support group to help new people to learn how to get started with extreme lighting and also to share learned techniques. Our first meeting will be February 21st in London. Let me know if your interested or have any questions. Steve B
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    I am looking for 2 CTB16PC 16 Channel controllers for a reasonable price. This year is my first year and I am looking to save a little bit of money on controllers.
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    found these guys on clearance at a ROSS nearby and thought of this post, $8.99
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    I'm interested. I have a weebly website, but I don't care for it and a Facebook page. Plus we are changing the name of our display and haven't even put thought into the website. We have however changer the name on the facebook page. Christmas on Savannah is the facebook. Ganesfamilychristmas.webs.com is the weebly.
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    Ok So New House NEw display!! and you get to share your ideas !!! the house sits on a hill but to the west is a whole nother acres for decorating so the canvas is new and the display ideas ar unlimited. but my brain is in hyperdrive and cannot come down the ideas running thru my head are crazy but if you have any good ones you can share them here.... pic 1 and 2 are the front of the house pic 3 is the extra acre we own to the west of the driveway and pic 4 is on the acre facing the drive way... to help with ideas I am brining the following items to the new house I have a mega reee blowmold Nativity a ton of those new blowmold lights the santa scene light flurries tons of porch greeters lots of PVC for creating new stuff Gemmy animateds the coroplast frosting.. READY SET GO!! I cant wait to hear your ideas.
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    That's a great deal especially since they look to be in pristine condition! When they're 2 bucks you don't even look them over you just buy them! TED
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    If you open up this spreadsheet and look at the Light Inventory Manager tab you will see all the different lights, colors, and size I use. I used a Kill o watt meter to get the readings it might help calculating how much power you can expect to use. You will notice there is a power difference between brands and between colors. light controler.xlsm
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    Thanks for the replies. If you guys aren't having issues with the female ends, then I will leave them alone. That saves me a lot of work! I think I will shoot for a 15' tree and bring the ends back to the center. I can always change it for 2018 if I feel I can go higher. I have a welder and will be making up my own stand and hook head. The head will defiantly be run up with a pulley. I will make up the parts this summer and post some pictures. The tree will be using 48 strands of incandescent lights which brings me around 1900 watts. It will be running off a dedicated 20 amp breaker and I have a 50 foot 10 gauge extension cord to run out to it. I will be pushing the limit a bit of the 80% rule of loading up a circuit, but it should hold. If not I can power a section with a different circuit. I'm also toying with the idea of running a custom chase controller on it so all the lights wouldn't be on most of the time any way. I just ordered this board and should have it next week to play around with. http://www.ebay.com/itm/221853428592?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Big J, Sounds like you have 3220 bulbs on your tree? That's nice to know because I think it looks great. I was worried that 4800 bulbs wouldn't be enough but yours looks very full and the look that I want for mine. My star will have 200 more bulbs to make it an even 5000 bulbs. I really want to get the WOW factor between having a ton of lights, and a really high tree. Thanks again for the replies, that helps me clear my mind and move on to other issues. Dale P.
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    what is wrong with the callery pear tree? curious
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    Yes, I agree, you can even click on the thumbnails in the auction and get the enlarged pictures yet and the auction was 11 years ago. We didn't even know Mold-Craft made reindeer when that auction came up. I remember no one on PC had even heard of Mold-Craft other then the company that sells the fishing lures until we got our first pair of choir molds at a local auction here in Conway back in June 2004 and I took pictures and posted them asking if anyone knew anything about them, no one did. These are the pictures that I posted back then. That was back in the days that all the old timers were still here and I was a newbie. Mel
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    How many watts, or amps do you think your 20,000 lights take to run? My calculations say that I can run 50 sets of lights containing 100 bulbs on a 20 amp breaker. That's a 20 amp breaker for every 5000 lights. I'm planning for a 10,000 to 15,000 light display this year but the current draw may depict how many lights I use. Dale P.
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    Those are not special paint versions. Gen Foam changed their paint scheme on some items a few years back. The last couple of years that the trains were being produced they were black instead of green. There have been special paint versions of particular 'molds from time to time (usually for Menard's) but the train and Nativity items were not. TED
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    There is an annual Christmas gathering in or near Chicago. That would be the ideal place because it's close to you, no hassle with shipping, you could probably sell them all in 1 weekend, and it's inexpensive. TED
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    I did a lot of research and ended up exclusively purchasing Holiday Light Express LED's. The combination of quality and warranty is hard to beat. As for RGB, as hotrod says, that is a totally different animal. You really have to map out your display and know your stuff.
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    I'm sure the isn't the proper category but I would like to take second to wish the forum Merry Christmas and a big thank you to everyone that answered all the questions that made my display a real jaw dropper. I am sure as I venture deeper into the decorating world I will call on each and every one of you again. Once again MERRY CHRISTMAS.....now let's start planning 2017. Don Mcabee and Family
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    Don't throw them away, and it may not be the resistor. Invest in an LED Keeper: http://www.ledkeeper.com/home/ I have 15 years experience with LEDs. I find the blues fail the most for some reason, I have had mixed input as to why. Typically with LED strings, it is something in the socket that has failed. The LED Keeper will tell you which one it is. Cut it out, solder in a new LED. Done. If you start mucking with cutting out the rectifyer wart, you may not get the orientation right. I have yet to have someone explain sufficiently how that could be accomplished.
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    here are some more examples:
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    The ornament is over 10 feet tall. I wanted a spiral tree but my wife thought it would be nice to have an ornament spiral. Spiral tree is easy. Start at the top and go spiral until you reach the bottom. Spiral sphere? Not so much. It was her idea but it became my problem to try to make one. I don't have the plans but if you want, I can post something in the DIY section. When we did Halloween display, the same ball became our pumpkin. Just remove the "hook" on top of the ball and attach the "stem". It was actually the only item that was used in both displays.