The good news: the PlanetChristmas forums are about to undergo a big change. The bad news:  people hate change and the new PlanetChristmas will have a different look and feel. When:  February 1, 2018 Some details: The forums you are reading now be switched to the 'Archive' mode on February 1m, 2018.  It's a fancy term meaning everything will stay online but no new posts, messages, classifieds or registration will be allowed.   The search engines will still be able to find everything you've posted over the last 20 years. Much of your PlanetChristmas account information will be copied to the 'new and improved' PlanetChristmas.  When you first attempt to log in you'll have to reset your password. The new PlanetChristmas merges the forums and DIY website.  You'll also have the option of social media capabilities.  Much of what you like about Facebook you'll be able to do in the new PlanetChristmas... minus the never-ending Facebook ads and unwanted news articles.  I'm looking forward to taking advantage of groups. The forums will begin with a clean slate.  No more timely topics about Christmas Expo 2011  .) Sharing pictures and videos will be easier because a degree from Geek University won't' be required. Classifieds are being revamped to make things simpler to understand. ...and a lot of other features I haven't discovered yet. But... for some of us old-timers (I'm one of them) this big change could be frustrating at the beginning.  Buttons and links will be in different places.  Strange terms might have you scratching your head.  Getting all your new options set just right will take trial and error.  Think of it as one step back to be able to jump three steps forward. Are you super-worried about any of this?  Feel free to share your concerns with me: Stay tuned.  This is going to be fun!