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Light o rama

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I'm new to the decorations scene.  I never knew it was this big.  But this is my first year with the decor.  And I'm finding out about more and more stuff.  One thing I'm interested in is the light o rama. I am looking into it for next year.  Any advice on what I need and should look for and any extra for it.  I see the website sales a started kit along with other stuff.  What,do I need is my question.

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John -

Your question is a big vague, so I'll answer it with a question of my own.

What do you want to do?  What type of lights do you want?  AC powered incandescent/LEDs?  DC powered LEDs?  RGB?  How many lights?

The first year I did a display using Light-O-Rama I had a 10' mega tree (8 channels), the 9 bushes out at the front edge of my property, lights up in a couple of (used to be) small sycamore trees, and things like that.  I think it was 3 controllers to start. 

If you want to do RGB, that would be the Cosmic Color stuff (I haven't used it, can't comment much on it) or probably E1.31 (DMX over Ethernet) which the LOR software does well with.

So before you decide what to buy, you need to decide what you want to do.  And that ain't easy, sir.

I use LOR software, 5 LOR controllers, 5 24 channel Renard controllers in DMX mode, and am dabbling with wireless E1.31 controllers.  I can do some things with Vixen software (free) and XLights (also free, quite often combined with Vixen) but not proficient in it.  I played with Light Show Pro, and won't be using it, mostly due to the licensing fees put in place by the company that bought the original product.  I have a lot of incandescent but I'm switching over the LEDs - not so much for power issues but because the LEDs don't fade in the sun light.  I have several 10's of thousands of what used to be colored lights that are now dirty white.  I used to feel that I could pay for a lot of electricity for the cost difference between incandescent and LEDs, but that's true for a year or two, then the lights need to be painted or replaced.


Since  you're trying to plan for 2017, and not for next month (it's still November as of this typing) you have time for a little research.  Look to find a user group within driving distance of you; here in NC we have ChristmasCarolina.com with a couple of regional user groups around.  Pick their brains to know what to do and know what NOT to do.

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Thank you very much.  It seems to be a lot more detailed than I thought.  But I am looking to do ac power led.  Nothing large at first.  Looking to progress in time.  So first would be arches with music.  As I learn it and see different ideas I will add.  Being that I'm new to this I'm finding out its not as easy as it looks.  Not that it looks easy but the detail involved.  Will also be using for Halloween since that is my wife's thing. But I want to do a ferris wheel and projector along with lor so I'm not looking for a huge project at first.  But I will definitely take all your advice.  My goal is to have the best in town. 

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If your looking to build your own display items the( wind field collection. Com) has a lot of great stuff.  As far as LEDs go, HLE (holiday light express) is a great place to get them, especially when they start the big sale in a couple weeks. 

You can never have enough SPT wire, or plugs always double what you think you'll use ( i personally use spt 2 as i like it better)

build anything and everything you can throughout the year as it'll sneak up on you fast. 

I personally love light o rama, currently have 7 controllers with plans to double that for 2017 

if you plan to go big, have a dedicated computer for your light programming/ to run your show as i find it easier. 

Make sure you have the right power requirements to support all your controllers depending on what you go with. ( yes LEDS consume basically nothing, but i like multiple circuits to keep some balance) 

This website is one of your best tools.


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That is a 120 volt some 16ch can be ordered 220.  It hooks up by just your standard plug into an outlet.  The insulation is just thicker,  i use it because its easier to handle and in az the sun can be a killer on things like that.  I use spt 1 on things like my arches and on my strobes scattered throughout the display, 

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