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  • Outdoor Christmas lights on homes evolved from decorating the traditional Christmas tree and house with candles during the Christmas season. Lighting the tree with small candles dates back to the 17th century and originated in Germany before spreading to Eastern Europe.
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LED and mini's on same sign. ok?

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I was wondering if I could put LED lights on my Merry Christmas sign that I made this year and it would be ok. Reason is, I am buying blue LED's this year and the blue mini's are hard to see compared to the other colors. I think I will be safe, because the 2 colors beside it are clear and gold (yellow). In the picture, they look ok, but once you get to the road it is harder to see them. Since I am going to buy a case of LED's from Paul this year of blue and I have some spares from what I need, I was going to use them in the sign as long as it would look ok. I figure you all know probably more then I do, especially those "seasoned vets" out there.

Thanks for the help!


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I have serious concerns about the visibility of the mini blues. I can barely make out the "H" in your sign as it stands now. The LED blue, however, should be enough to put you over the top in terms of visibility.

I have a TON of blue in my show, and i absolutely love it. I have one "set" where my whole show goes blue, with c-9s, floods, and everything. It is the crowd pleaser for sure...However, as for a sign, you must be careful...Personally, I think you should be OK if you use the LED's. Incandescent blues tend to be very dark blue, and the coating on the glass fades very quickly too. They will barely last one season, and they start to look "white"...bummer....



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That is a beautiful sign you made! Do you have any pictures on how you made it? Do you use those panels to build the sign?

I think you could always try the blue LED(s), because the BLUE LEDs I bought this year from walmart were significantly brighter than brand new blue minis ... so since your sign is tad dimmer on the blue, it could work out great, if it makes the blue seem brighter than the mini blues did. I'm taking about the wide angle 5mm blue LED(s) ... the other would not work well.

The other thing to consider, depending upon how to attached the lights to your sign ... is that the diameter of the various bulbs and types can vary ... so they might not fit as good as the mini lights did. In some cases, they can fit better. Those 5mm LED(s) fit wind-o-light frames better than the minis that they came with, for me.

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Guest Jeff_Womack

Rob your sign looks great! As Mike said the blue LEDs will really make those letter pop! My blue LED M-5s seem to be a little wider than blue mini's so you should have an issue.

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i wish everyone would read this thread!!! id say it would take 10 sets of blue minis to even come close to a good string of blue LEDS!! the full wave blues are unreal!! as all of the colors are great!! the late 2008/2009 LEDs that most of our vendors will be carrying this year are EVEN BRIGHTER!!


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