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  2. That is the Empire #1571 Santa, sleigh & Reindeer set, the 1977 year they had in the listing is the mold date that is on the sleigh. We purchased a set of those with two reindeer from Ernst Malmo back in 1980 or 1981 after Christmas at 50% off. The reindeer came with two different stands through the years. The reindeer are smaller then any of the other companies reindeer. Mel
  3. Those deer are much harder to find than thought out to be. The empire 1970 giant size deer and the 1986 giant size deer are easy to find, as are general foam large and giant size deer. Finding the empire version of those deer is hard, good luck. They're worth about $70 each in good condition judging by past eBay sales. Of course you could just go to Walmart and buy 9 of the general foam small ones, they appear identical. If you are a die hard collector like me, I won't put empire deer with a gen foam set or visa versa. Good luck.
  4. any idea where I can find 9 more deer? lol I regret not spending the extra and getting the gen foam.
  5. Its empire, great shape worth about $150 with the deer in that condition
  6. I was on a mission to find a gf santa sleigh and bought this one on impulse,,,,,,I regret it now but once it gets here It may grow on me..... I have no idea where im gonna find 9 more deer, yes 9 for a total of 10 (long story and running joke with my daughter)
  7. All I know is it's empire , I have one I've seen tons of them so I don't think it's rare I own one with 4 deer It's in really good shape
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  10. Bought this today, listing says 1977....any info? Rare?
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  12. Just sold about 30 pieces, no more for now
  13. Okay, it's time to get a count for folks attending the OK Mini (everyone in the world is invited). Please list your name and how many. We need a head count for food and such. So far. I have one plate of BBQ. LOL Roll Call!!!! Tom
  14. Update 10 teddy bears 4 drummer boy 2 rifle soliders 2 gift teddy bears Candy cane elf Santa's workshop elf Angel Sheppard with sheep
  15. Anyone have any for sale. Thanks
  16. Anyone have any for sale?
  17. Thanks for posting. These are some interesting shots. It is remarkable how you can still see some metalic silver color on the garland. The paint on her face is amazing considering they gave her bottom lashes and blushed cheeks. I wonder how many times this particular angel was displayed and how many folks must have looked up and smiled.
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  19. Although I've changed much of my display over to LED's I'm still stubbornly keeping incandescent lights in the display. If you like incandescent mini's, phase out the standard .32amp variety with the energy saving ones like Phillips brand energy savers. With .16amp. draw your getting twice the lighting power with hardly a discernible difference in brightness. There is a warmth in incandescent light that just cant be found in LED's and I don't ever see myself having a display without them.
  20. Thanks! That's what I decided to do.
  21. Free as pictured. Got it from a neighbor, and it won't be used in our setup. I am not familiar with inflatables. Everything works-no tears. Snow is sticking to the clear section but can be flicked off. Snowman inside.
  22. You can use a video capture app then upload it from there. SPaschall
  23. I have finished up with the gross sequencing of two songs now and was wondering if there was a way to upload the visualizer and music to a site like youtube so I could share it and ask for critic's/suggestions
  24. Coro singing face with led lights I'm in Pennsylvania
  25. Just one week left to take advantage of this sale. It ends on the 28th.
  26. Let me know if you sell. I might be interested at a good price. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  27. Totally a shame of how all of those decorations did not make it through. Things are not made like they used to be. Thanks Kris for getting those pics and for saving the decorations that you were able to get.
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  29. I've completely forgot to send close up pics of the angel I did get to see , I do not own it but I was happy to be able to see it in person
  30. Last week
  31. I spent A LOT of time on the controller side of the research my first year too (this last season). I get the confusion. I just want to encourage you that once you dive into it and start to put it together, the fog will start to lift and it will start to be much more clear. I didn't grasp a lot of it (despite countless hours and nights of research) until I had the stuff in hand and walked through the steps. Nutcracker (AKA xlights) put out a good comparison of the controllers < here >. I found it really really handy. Regarding Universes: (512 channels, usually only 510 of which are used). Different boards may allow a ton of Universes. For instance, I chose the Pixlight 16 MKII, because I live on a tight budget, and I can use this one board for 96 Universes (that's a lot!). HOWEVER, the drawback to having so many universes is that they all have to come back to that one location. So, I will likely add more controllers in the future, so that further out parts of my display will have a closer central connection. This will save me cost in cabling and be less of a mess. Not to mention that the signal is dropped after 7-15 ft of wire away from the controller and a null pixel has to be used to extend the cable. Hope that helps!
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